April Fools!

And the joke’s actually…on us.

We planned on launching our brand-spankin’ new FamilyLife Podcast Network right here on April 1st. But we need a few last tweaks so your podcast experience doesn’t feel like some kind of prank.

Check back with us on April 3 for all the great podcasts you see below.

(No kidding.)

  • FamilyLife Today Podcast with Dave and Ann Wilson and Bob Lepine
  • FamilyLife This Week Podcast, with Michelle Hill
  • FamilyLife Blended Podcast with Ron Deal
  • Married with Benefits Podcast with Brian Goins
  • Unfavorable Odds Podcast with Kim Anthony
  • FamilyLife On the Go podcast
  • Real FamilyLife podcast

While you wait, we know you’ll enjoy our “Better Together” devotional for couples. Click here to get your free copy!